Cube Mezuzah - GOLAN

MBY 0/12/6


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Cube Mezuzah - GOLAN
Cube Mezuzah - GOLAN

The Cube Mezuzah line is all about combining the traditional with the modern. There are the ancient symbols, in a clean contemporary look, which naturally combines our history and tradition with everyday nowadays.

Materials: Stoneware clay 

Measures approx (HxW):
6cm Scroll - 10.5x2 cm
12cm Scroll - 15.5x2 cm
15cm Scroll - 18.5x2 cm 

Care instructions: Super strong & safe double-sided tape is attached to the mezuzah | We recommend cleaning the surface with dry cloth prior the bonding

Cube Mezuzah - GOLAN
Cube Mezuzah - GOLAN

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