Shabbat Trays - ARAVA

MBY 10/6


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Shabbat Trays - ARAVA - Turquoise
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Shabbat Trays - ARAVA - Purple
Shabbat Trays - ARAVA - Natural
Shabbat Trays - ARAVA - Blue

The Arava Shabbat tray echoes the traditional typography, featuring the Hebrew word Shabbat in the center of a vibrant colored glaze pallet. I like to leave an unglazed window, to show the bare clay, and have this contrast game with the bald glazing. On my plates and trays, I had form and function in mind. It is important for me to have the practicality right. The right size, in the cupboard, in the dishwasher, and of course on the table, giving the food its worthy "stage" and the Shabbat its pretty looks.

Materials: Stoneware clay

Measures approx: 38x27 cm (HxW)

Care instructions: Dishwasher-safe

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