Hamsa - KINNERET symbols

MBY 2/41/S


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Hamsa - KINNERET symbols
Hamsa - KINNERET symbols - Blessings Ring
Hamsa - KINNERET symbols - Hamsa
Hamsa - KINNERET symbols - Pomegranate
Hamsa - KINNERET symbols - Star Of David
Hamsa - KINNERET symbols - Heart

Throughout the ages numerous origins are attributed to the Hamsa hand: Jewish – old as the Star of David, Christian, Islamic, Pagan – where it was a symbol of fertility, yet today it is known to be a Kabbalistic symbol and a very Israeli one. As a piece of jewelry or as wall decor, it is believed that the Hamsa has virtues of protection against the evil eye. My Hamsas span to several collections, in each distinct colors and graphic design. It is mainly a touch of color and beauty, a reminder to our ancient cultural origins.

Materials: Stoneware clay

Measures approx (HxW):
S - 8.5x7 cm
M - 16x9.5 cm
L - 19.5x12 cm 


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